• Augmented reality : a new dimension for property developpement ?

    Nacarat-réalité augmentée

    This article was published in the internal newsletter of Nacarat, a general property developper. Testimonial of our client NACARAT on the application made by ARTEFACTO for the PARC SCHLUMBERGER residency. It is difficult for a property acquirer to project himself in his future housing ! So be it. In Belgium, Nacarat, with the help of the french company[...]

  • Use case at Laval Virtual exhibition


    Since 1999, LAVAL VIRTUAL exhibition has been a reference in virtual technology and uses. This year ARTEFACTO’s booth stressed on augmented reality and its USES, highlighting real, useful and relevant applications in many of our clients’ activities. On a large screen and virtually placed in Augmented Reality on our iconic cube, we exhibited 3D models such[...]

  • The French Prime Minister visits Artefacto

    Visite Valls Artefacto Betton

    ARTEFACTO was in the spotlight this Friday, February 27, 2015 on the occasion of the visit of our Prime Minister Manuel Valls, surrounded by the ministers Najat Vallaud-Belkacem (Education) and Stéphane Le Foll (Agriculture). Under a rain of flashes and somehow cramped in our spacious building, our ministers have discovered our company,[...]

  • No matter where you are…


    … we are not far ! Again this year, ARTEFACTO export team will be travelling around the globe to meet their customers and visit tradeshows. Find in the following map the best place and time to meet us! Otherwise, you can also contact our local sales representatives and partners at any (local) time: Sales representatives:[...]

  • Augmented Reality: a short video rather than words


    Our YOUTUBE channel is full of videos made for our customers (advertising the apps we developed for them) but also videos illustrating the making of many projects. They were grouped into four playlists for each families of our business segments, click the picture corresponding to your business to view the playlist: MUSROGRAPHY HERITAGE[...]

  • Augmented Reality for Real Estate…

    ar for real estate by artefacto

    …a new way of selling, new tools too Learn more on our new Features of our Augmented Reality Application for Real Estate and how to get the most of it to turn your prospects into customers:  Statistics for analytics, Lead generation for your CRM, Content Management System to have free hands on[...]

  • ARTEFACTO puts real Augmented reality in your Cardboard glasses

    cardboard réalité augmentée

    So far you had heard about Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, but applications running on those devices were limited to immersion into a virtual world. That was before… ARTEFACTO has adapted on Cardboard one of its real estate development applications, usually offered on tablet. This application can now be used from a smartphone, inserted in[...]