Augmented reality : a new dimension for property developpement ?

Nacarat-réalité augmentée

This article was published in the internal newsletter of Nacarat, a general property developper.


Testimonial of our client NACARAT on the application made by ARTEFACTO for the PARC SCHLUMBERGER residency.

It is difficult for a property acquirer to project himself in his future housing ! So be it. In Belgium, Nacarat, with the help of the french company Artefacto, succeeds in bypassing this problem using augmented reality. A smartphone and tablet compatible application was developped in order to view the Parc Schlumbenger residency in 3D, in it’s future location. Potential buyers can explore the surroundings from all angles, go for a walk, visualize templates and distances. As if by magic, the residency becomes real despite it’s virtuality.

A real asset.

Renaud Jacquet, program director of Nacarat Belgium considers it as a real asset : “Our sales agents are delighetd by this new tool. It arrouses the curiosity of clients and distinguishes us among our competitors, because it’s still little known in Belgium. Its other advantage is the fact that it remains in the smartphone unlike the building model which stays at the sales office. People can show the residency and the apartment they are planning to buy to their relatives and friends .”


It is indeed a profitable innovation, but at what cost ? The price of a physical model, with the help of negotiating skills ! A year after the commercialization, 25% of the apartments were sold. So to the question : “Would you recommend this tool to your peers ?” Renaud Jacquet responds : “Yes, without hesitation, especially for complex operations including several buildings. It helps to better understand spaces and surroundings…”

At what cost ? The price of a physical model.

What about you ? Are you tempted by the  augmented reality experience ?

To view the project on site, with geolocalized augmented reality, download the application by flashing this QRCode:
nacarat qrcode