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Mission Île de la Cité


Dominique Perrault is a contemporary architect and urbanist known through the whole world for his realisatons. Dominique Perrault and his architecture office have been loaded by M. François Hollande, in partnership with Phillippe Bélabal (president of the Historical Monuments Center) to imagine the future of “l’Île de la Cité” by 2040 in Paris. To accompany the exhibition, Artefacto developed an app available on smartphones and tablets.  This app allows visitors to browse and display the island virtual model on the online downloadable marker or during the exhibition, on several maps.
They can also access to 11 points of interest in 360° to immerse visitors in the project.

4 differents declinations are available : 

  • The island nowadays
  • The island in 2040
  • Under the Island
  • The glass island

The exhibition takes place at the conciergerie in Paris from 15 February to 17 April 2017. All informations:

Services :

  • Marker-based augmented reality
  • Visualisation du projet en 3D (pedestrian and aerial view)
  • Points of interest in 360°
  • Onsite path
  • Available on smartphone and tablets
  • Available on iOS and Android