Investment aid, recovery plan

Support for investment in the transformation to the industry of the future

This measure aims to support the upmarket development of industrial SMEs and ETIs through the dissemination of digital technology and the adoption of new technologies (additive manufacturing, robotics, virtual or augmented reality, design software, non-destructive testing, etc.).

In order to face the epidemic of the Coronavirus Covid-19, the Government has put in place, since the beginning of the crisis, unprecedented measures to support companies and employees, which continue to be mobilised today.

In 2021, the aid is 20% of the cost of the investment: unlimited for a small enterprise, limited to €200,000 by the de minimis regulation, or €800,000 by the temporary scheme covid-19 SA.56985 2020/N (subject to eligibility) for a medium-sized enterprise and a TSE

The investments made at Artefacto are eligible for state subsidy.