ARTEFACTO puts augmented reality in your Cardboard

Until now you knew about the Oculus Rift, the Google Cardboard, but the applications taking advantage of these devices were limited to immersing you in a virtual world.

As a reminder, the Google Cardboard is a virtual reality headset that is affordable (a few euros) and can be assembled yourself. It is made of cardboard and plastic parts.

cardboard augmented realityARTEFACTO revisits the augmented reality by adapting a real estate promotion application usually offered on tablets. This application can now be used from a smartphone, inserted in Cardboard glasses.

Immersion is still possible, but in addition, thanks to the camera view, the virtual model is integrated into the real environment (augmented reality). Theinteractivity with the 3D model (in augmented reality, in real time 3D visit, in 360° views) is no longer controlled by a touch interface but in a very clever way by the eye.


VR headset This solution is already attracting a lot of interest from our customers. Indeed, the advantage of the Cardboard is that it becomes a promotional item (it can be branded by the promoter), it is compatible with all smartphones (which a majority of their customers have) and can be offered at low cost, all for an ever more compelling experience.

Another UP! innovation from ARTEFACTO!