The 3D catalogue: innovative sales support for industrial manufacturers

application catalogue augmented reality products

A recent study during the CES in Las Vegas announced that 88% of people are more likely to place an order after using a virtual reality application. It is easy to see why, in the space of a few months, Augmented Reality (AR) is on everyone's lips.

A recent study shows that 88% of people are more likely to place an order after using a virtual reality application.

Whether in an interactive product catalogue or a 3D application, it is an ultra-efficient complement to traditional commercial media. Increasingly common in the sales sector, it is also very much at home in the industrial and retail sectors. Here are some explanations.

what is an interactive 3d catalogue?

Augmented reality is not just for entertainment! It also offers great potential in the field of sales. It brings undeniable added value, particularly through the interactive product catalogue.

Thanks to its immersive aspect, this type of catalogue makes the customer interact with the product without having to actually touch it, in a very realistic way.

The ultimate goal: boosting sales by improving the customer experience.
An innovative way to turn prospects into customers, which would be a shame to miss!

Attractive, the 3D product catalogue allows you to present your products and bring them to life using the latest digital technologies. This is what Nestlé has done for its Dolce Gusto brand with an augmented reality application on a smartphone.

product catalogue on android application by Nestlé

[2017] Nestlé and its Dolce Gusto coffee machine that comes to life thanks to augmented reality
Photo credits: © Juliette Raynal

This application allows the user to turn around the object - the coffee pot -, rotate it, or change its colour and discover its variations. 

With its life-like rendering, the application immediately appealed to users for its realism and fluidity. Not only is it fun to play with, but the user enjoys operating and experiencing it themselves. Then they just click to buy the product!

the benefits of an interactive catalogue for an industrial manufacturer

Didactic and fun, augmented reality has the the ability to 'grab' attention and and easily engage the person to whom it is addressed.
Imagine yourself at a trade show, a stream of people passing by your stand. What better way than with a 3D application to show the uniqueness of your new prototypes and projects in a few seconds?
Bonus: it's much more effective than a simple business card, and there's no need to go to the factory or showroom!

augmented reality portal application

A 3D application can serve multiple purposes.

-> Some use it to make their business proposals or to show theprogress of a large project, or the delivery stages.

-> But the most important use for an industrial manufacturer is the interactive catalogue to present the products. The immersive experience enhances the product and gives the buyer confidence!
Thanks to augmented reality, he is immersed in the heart of the machines, can move the parts and understand their layout...

-> With the fluid navigation and the links to the product sheets, the prospect also has access to a set of functionalities, such as the search by key expressions and the download of the order form. Very useful during a trade show or an appointment!