The augmented catalogue to optimise the customer experience

banque pop augmented reality application

Appearance of a piece of furniture in augmented reality

It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. We could now say that a 3D image is worth 10,000! And you only have to experience it to understand it: consulting a catalogue in augmented reality offers a unique customer experience. It is not common to be projected into the reality of the product, with such a level of detail.

Augmented reality is a tool with enormous commercial potential that offers functionalities that have not yet been fully exploited. The augmented catalogue is a new tool that has become indispensable for engaging the customer.

the augmented catalogue: a phygital experience

Do you know what phygital is? It's a new concept that refers to experiences that take place in the physical world thanks to new digital technologies. In short, physical + digital = phygital.

Areas such as commerce, especially retail, are already taking advantage of this. How? By launching innovative applications and catalogues that make products appear in augmented reality. An amazing way to enrich the real world with digital content.

- Volkswagen's Augmented Reality application for Touran -

The possibilities are amazing. The consumer can turn the car around, change the colour of the bodywork, enter the passenger compartment, activate the options... It is even possible to enjoy the day and night view from the driver's seat. This is an opportunity for the customer to project himself in his use of the product and to make it his own even before he has bought it. This is an ideal way to get the customer to think about the product, and therefore to gain their interest and reassurance!

Not only is the customer impressed by this interaction and therefore more inclined to buy the product, but the company behind the application immediately positions itself as innovative and a benchmark in its sector. A real plus in terms of user experience and therefore business!

Augmented Reality is on the rise. The sector is in full development. The signs are clear: Tim Cook, the president of Apple, has publicly displayed his support for this technology and Facebook is not counting its investments in the field. It's a good bet that this is a good omen!

Indeed, augmented reality (AR) has an undeniable advantage, especially for Tim Cook: it allows us to remain anchored in the real world, while adding a virtual element that enhances reality. The two giants Apple and Facebook even predict that the use of AR will become a daily habit in the years to come.

augmented reality facebook

Why Facebook is now moving into augmented reality© Facebook

reinvent your industrial catalogue with augmented reality

You are an industrial manufacturer and you want to leave a mark on your customers' minds? Give them a unique experience! You will be able to show your products like never before.  


The 3D visualisation allows a better visibility of the details of a product and all its options. With interactivity, it is possible to show the mechanisms in action, the interior of the smallest parts, or the scale of a project such as the architecture of a building...


It is also ideal for showing a product that does not yet really exist or a prototype. It is also a godsend for your suppliers and industrial partners: you will be able to create a product together! For example, by adding parts that do not yet exist in computer graphics and sharing them via the3D application.


Whatever the case, it is a convincing way to demonstrate all the benefits of the products in a sophisticated yet affordable way. Thanks to the immersion of AR, customers can try out or visualise all the products without moving, directly in the room.

Placement of an augmented reality product in a room

By the way, you also save money! No need to print 100-page paper catalogues in high quality, the 3D application makes your work easier and increases your possibilities. Directly linked to online sales, the application records order forms and updates your stock. Better still, it also limits the risk of returns! Because the customer has a better vision, he does not make a mistake in his purchase and therefore has no reason to return his product.


Storytelling is not reserved for e-commerce or artistic fields! Every company can create an attachment with its customers. Augmented Reality is also the possibility of enriching your brand content by telling your story, for example via a video and integrating it into your interactive catalogue in the editorial. An ultra-innovative medium to set you apart from your competitors, still on paper.

The uses of Augmented Reality are infinite! It is up to each company to give free rein to its creativity. Meanwhile, the Web giants are working on the technologies of tomorrow that will allow us all to shop online via a 3D catalogue.