The augmented reality catalogue: a new tool for the sales force

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Whether it's for conservatories, windows, cladding or scaffolding, augmented reality catalogues are on the rise. Today, this type of tool is being used by more and more sales forces, allowing you to offer your customers a more immersive and entertaining experience, as well as an innovative corporate image.

The augmented reality catalogue: what exactly is it?

You've heard of it, maybe you've seen it, but it's still a vague and abstract term? Don't worry, we'll explain everything here.

A quick reminder: augmented reality is a technology that allows you to display a 3D element directly in reality through the camera of your smartphone or tablet. Combined with a catalogue containing your products, you can then demonstrate your products directly to your customer and multiply the tests before his eyes.

An augmented reality catalogue is first and foremost an application for tablets and smartphones. A real sales tool, it accompanies your sales force, who will use it when they travel. The idea here is to take your products virtually with you in the application and to be able to visualise them on site at the customer's premises. Windows, cladding or even gates are modelled in 3D, integrated into the application and then projected in augmented reality at real size.

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A tool for you, but also for your customers!

This sales tool allows you to obtain a realistic rendering of a window installation or a veranda installation. Much more effective than a paper catalogue, augmented reality helps your customer to project. He no longer has to imagine, because the application is there for that and visually, the result is striking!

application visualisation door in AR

In terms of logistics, this type of mobile tool is unprecedented. For example, it is very complicated to move gates or scaffolding for customer trials . The augmented reality catalogue allows you to transport all your products virtually without any space problems. Your showroom is now in your pocket. Once on site, you simply point your tablet at the designated location and the 3D model is displayed in real size.

It is therefore very easy to try out several products directly on the spot and to personalise them. Colours, materials, finishes: you can configure a tailor-made product or several different products directly in front of your customer. In addition, it is possible to compare several different products live.

The augmented reality catalogue very often includes a system for sending summaries. Orders are placed on site and sent remotely. The customer can leave with a visual from his own installation. They know in advance what their project will look like and there will be no unpleasant surprises once the installation is complete.

It can be interesting to integrate a statistics tracking tool in the application. You can then find out the best sales, the most popular colours or the trends according to regions. This is a significant advantage in terms of logistics.

augmented reality veranda

Veranda projected in augmented reality

As you can see, the augmented reality catalogue is a tool that will eventually become a must-have in sales. Several companies have already equipped their sales force and use it on a daily basis, when visiting their customers or working with teams of resellers. Moving and showing your products has never been so easy!

In addition, the the latest in augmented reality technology Today's devices allow a good quality display of 3D models. The device scans the space and uses it as a support to "fix" the life-size model. The integration of the virtual into the real is now very realistic.

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