Drones and 3D: The ideal mix to enhance real estate projects

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Drone and 3D go hand in hand! When 3D is added to aerial shots, the result is spectacular and allows you to visualise a future project in its real environment. The rendering is then vivid and above all very realistic. But how did we come to this incredible encounter?

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Drones enter the real estate business 

As you will probably have noticed, civilian drones have developed from simple radio-controlled leisure devices to real professional tools. They are now used to collect measurement data, to monitor the progress of building sites or to show heritage from a new angle. They are also becoming a first choice tool for real estate sales thanks to their on-board camera equipment which delivers very high quality photos and videos. They are particularly used to promote prestigious properties or large real estate complexes.

These incredible machines give access to unprecedented angles and inaccessible places. It was therefore obvious that the real estate industry was going to seize on this new way of discovering real estate projects by including them in their environment.

When 3D merges with reality

Today, 3D technologies are able to offer photo-realistic rendering and the difference with reality is becoming increasingly blurred. With the spread of increasingly powerful drones, the idea was obvious: what has not yet been built can be modelled in 3D and integrated into real shots. With their ability to provide exceptional views, drones offer new services to meet specific needs: to show a property in its pre-construction environment and add information to it, in order to offer a new kind of visit.

Indeed, their stability and their ability to carry a high definition camera now make it possible to offer incredible visual spectacles. It is now possible to offer breathtaking films mixing real shots and 3D architecture. There is nothing like this to sublimate a real estate project, to script a visit and to place it in its situation, its real setting: gardens, terraces, orientation, services or even transport. Clients then discover the project in its entirety. Through their aesthetic aspect, these videos inevitably catch the eye of investors.

Complicated legislation  

It is important to note that the procedures for organising a drone shoot can be long and tedious, depending on the area overflown. Indeed, drones are only authorised to take off with the approval of the competent authorities. It is therefore necessary to take this parameter into account and allow sufficient time for these procedures. Some areas, such as military zones, are strictly forbidden to drone overflights and it will therefore be impossible to get close to them.

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