Determining the sunlight and luminosity of a property with Solen

article on the Solen solution

Did you know that brightness was one of the most important criteria when a private person was buying a property? This is why three engineers decided to create a solution to calculate the level of sunlight.

This is how the company was born in 2016 Solen. This company has developed a tool that allows the precise calculation of the direct sunlight and natural light of a house from readings taken from the 3D model of the building, in the case of a new property, or from photos for an old property.

Determining the sunlight and luminosity of a new house

Indeed, this incredible tool allows to simulate in a very precise way the sunshine and luminosity of each dwelling for all days of the year! From a model of the building and its environment, Solen will be able to virtually generate the sunshine and luminosity with a simple click. This reinforces the buyer's projection in his future home. This is also a determining factor in the construction of the price list for marketing. The Solen tool can even be used to highlight certain properties that are less well oriented! It is therefore a real plus for the developer as well as for the end customer.

Sunshine calculation tool by Solen

The Solen tool compatible with our UP! WEB

A quick reminder: our solution UP! WEB SOLUTION solution consists of an interactive 3D orbital model of a real estate project giving access to additional content, such as 3D plans or 360° virtual tours.
From now on, our
solution is compatible with the Solen tool! Directly on the 3D plan of the selected property, it shows the direct sunlight and natural luminosity. On request, it is therefore possible to integrate the Solen tool into your 3D real estate marketing solution for the web.

UP-web-compatible with Solen

A solution for both new and existing properties!

This certification tool is also available for old buildings. To do this, you just need to take a photo of each window in a room with the Solen application.
In less than 24 hours, the photos are analysed by Solen experts and a complete certificate is sent. It indicates the luminosity and sunlight for a particular room or the entire house, and this in a very precise manner (seasons, months, etc.). The certificate then represents an additional argument for the real estate agent to prove the light potential of a property.

interfaces of Solen certificates

A future standard for property transactions?

Indeed, this is a question worth asking. The certificates issued by the Solen solution offer such a high level of information concerning sunlight and luminosity on properties that they could easily be generalised to all habitats. Taking into account the fact that this criterion is nowadays a determining factor in the purchase of a property, these certificates would be a crucial indication for developers and real estate agents but also for future buyers.

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