Augmented reality: a new dimension for real estate

Article published in the internal magazine of NacaratGroup Real Estate Developer.


Testimony of our client NACARAT on the application realized by ARTEFACTO for the SCHLUMBERGER PARK.

It's hard for a buyer to imagine himself in his future home! But that's no problem. In Belgium, Nacarat, with the help of the French company Artefacto, is getting round this problem thanks to the augmented reality. The Parc Schlumbenger residence has been used to create an application that can be downloaded to a smartphone or tablet, allowing the project to be discovered in 3D as if it already existed. Potential buyers can explore the environment from all angles, walk around it, visualise the dimensions and distances. As if by magic, the programme becomes concrete despite the virtuality.

This is a real asset according to Renaud Jacquet, programme director of Nacarat in Belgium:

"Our sales agents are delighted with this tool. It arouses the curiosity of customers and sets us apart from competing property programmes. This medium is still not very developed in Belgium. Another advantage of the application, he continues, is that it stays in the smartphones. People can show the residence and flat they are considering buying to their family and friends. Unlike the model, which remains in the sales office.

A profitable innovation, of course, but at what cost? That of a physical model. Negotiating skills are a must! One year after the launch of the marketing campaign, 25% of the flats in the residence have been sold. So when asked "Would you recommend this tool to your colleagues? Renaud Jacquet answers:

"Yes, without hesitation, especially for complex operations involving several buildings to better understand the faces, the spaces..."

And you, tempted by the experience of augmented reality?

To visit the project in situ using geolocated augmented reality, install the application by flashing this QRCode:

nacarat qrcode

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