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As a real estate professional, you are probably involved in off-plan sales (VEFA). Your project has not yet been built and you want to convince your prospects using classic sales tools: Perspectives, 2D plans, 3D films etc...

However, you will surely have noticed that your clients' ability to project is often limited. These tools are a good way to approach them and to imagine the expected result. This is where 3D comes in.


Today, property developers and builders use many different means of communication to promote their property developments. Commercial brochures, 3D films, perspectives, images and technical data sheets have become essential, but the 2D planis still essential for making decisions. So to help with the projection, developers have decided to bring these 2D plans to life.

3D plan of a flat

3D is used here as a concrete visualization solution that allows your prospects to really get the full measure of the project. It then becomes the support for your perspectives and other projections of the final construction.

For example, it is possible to use your 2D plan to create a 3D model using a dedicated application. This is what we call marker-based augmented reality. Your 2D plan becomes the marker to make the 3D model of the project appear, which will be superimposed on the plan.

This tool, in addition to being fun and attractive, allows your prospects to leave with the 3D model in their smartphone and/or tablet. Content can be added to the model, such as 360° perspectives, sales plans and information sheets. Your prospects will not only be able to visit the flats before construction, but also to view the additional content directly from your application.

Another advantage: It is also possible to extract the analytics statistics from the application to know the most visited lots, for example. So you can adjust your offers according to the visits!


Other solutions also exist in order to push the immersion experience even further, thus reassuring your prospects. 360° virtual tours For example, real estate agents will immerse them in a sample flat, always before construction, using a virtual reality headset.

This functionality can also be integrated into a dedicated application, making it a mobile solution of choice for your sales teams and prospects. Your prospects will be able to repeat the visit from home and share the experience with their friends and family.

real estate project in augmented reality on plan

These devices can also be deployed to animate a sales bubble, a showroom or a trade fair. They have now become essential to ensure not only sales, but also to animate your events by offering a real unforgettable experience.

As you can see, these new devices are radically transforming the real estate sector by offering incredible experiential solutions. A real craze in 2017, augmented reality and virtual reality are becoming sales tools in their own right. They will add that little "wow effect" so desired by salespeople by immersing your prospects in real estate sublimated by 3D.

Are you a real estate agent or developer who wants to stand out from the competition by providing your customers with an exceptional experience?

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