TRUG'PLANET - What is this "trug"?

The Trug'Planet platform was launched in early November this year.

What is this Trug'? Trug'Planet is a solidarity platform for collecting and sharing time with company employees in order to support and participate in concrete projects proposed by associations or foundations working for the environment.

Trug'Planet addresses 3 major issues:

✔ How to free up employees' time,
✔ without punitive consequences for companies,
✔ by supporting associative organisations that lack the means to carry out their environmental actions...?

Today, after two months of launching, there are about thirty published missions, ten registered Breton associations and five member companies. The projections for 2022 are exciting...

A big thank you to the support of the Brittany Region, La French Tech, Le Poool, the Breton Agency for Biodiversity and all our partners who have enabled us to develop this platform.