4 uses of augmented reality & virtual tours in real estate: technologies that are revolutionising real estate!

augmented reality on marker in an application

The digital transition is also affecting the real estate sector. More than digital technology or the trend to everything connected, it is above all augmented reality that is revolutionising the sector. New technologies are now indispensable for selling, and they are already seducing real estate agents by offering an innovative experience to clients.

Virtual and augmented reality in real estate

Before going any further, it is important to distinguish between two concepts: virtual reality and augmented reality in real estate.

-> The 3D building that comes out of a tablet virtual reality
is intended to be immersive. With the help of a headset (Gear or HTC Vive type), or via an application installed on a tablet or directly on the Web, the potential buyer can visit his future flat. They can move from room to room, choose their angle of view, select their materials and decoration, and even see the real environment around them. They can literally project themselves into their future interior, even if it is not yet built.

-> Augmented reality is based on the existing external environment to help the customer project himself. Your prospect, equipped with a tablet, is anchored in reality. By filming the terrain, his construction will appear in real size on the tablet.

Examples of applications and solutions that are revolutionising real estate

Responding to a concrete need, augmented reality is revolutionising real estate.
Here are several examples of applications.

1- Discover available properties directly in the street of your choice

For some buyers, location is THE criterion for selecting a property. And to meet this demand, innovative applications exist. Available on a smartphone or tablet, the application reveals all the rental or sale offers around you. The customer positions himself in the desired street and discovers all the available ads by passing his phone in front of the buildings. With one click, they are redirected to the description sheet or to the developer's contact details.

There are also 3D property location maps. The application allows you to visit a neighbourhood, viewing and selecting referenced property programmes.

These simple and intuitive solutions will attract new potential clients to your agency. These innovative applications will help you stand out from your competitors!

2- Discover your future project

For new properties, augmented reality will allow you to present the projects of Sale in Future State of Completion. More detailed and precise than a simple flyer, your customer will be able to discover the property in its real environment.

Equipped with a smartphone or tablet, the future buyer can go directly to the plot of land where the work is being carried out, to discover his project in 3D and at real size. This is known as augmented reality on site at scale 1.

house in augmented reality on site thanks to an application

For new developments, virtual reality is also a major asset!

Via an application, the client can discover the
property project in 3D. They can immerse themselves in the neighbourhood, discover the project from the air or simply as a pedestrian walking around the building. They can also choose their floor, their flat, access the plans or visit the rooms.

The technology can also allow the visualization of a real estate project on floor plans!
By scanning the architectural plan, your application will reveal the building in 3D, as if it were right in front of you!

real estate program in augmented reality on marker

3- Visualise the possible layouts of a room

Just as it is possible to view a property project as a whole, you can also target a particular room.

In the case of a house for sale in which renovations are planned, use virtual reality to help your client to project themselves. Suggest different possible layout options For example, break down the wall between the kitchen and the living room, create a dressing room in the guest room, add a fireplace, etc. It's up to you to choose the options that will appeal to your client and present them to them. You can then personalise the room by testing different materials, colours, door or window models.

interior perspective for the real estate virtual tour

4- Virtual tours on computer or tablet

Can't your customer come to you? No problem! Organise a virtual visit on a tablet or mobile phone. They will then be able to discover the rooms one by one, choose their viewing angle, access the floor plan, or even discover the terrace and its real view.

Many buyers need an external opinion and want to show the property to their friends and family. A simple QR code allows the application to be downloaded and the property programme to be discovered on a mobile or tablet.

For the more techno-addicts, the future buyer can also use a virtual reality headset with his mobile phone and visualize the rooms and navigate as if he were there: a real teleportation in the property!

virtual tour application on VR headset

Augmented reality and virtual reality are revolutionising real estate.

At the rate of innovation, we can imagine holograms becoming the next step in property sales and rentals. Soon the volumes will come off the screen!

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