Selling an industrial project: why choose 3D?

Industrial project 3D process

Food industry, transport, environment and energy... 3D modelling in industry offers undeniable advantages for your sector of activity!
Formidable communication tools to highlight your expertise, the new 3D technologies will allow you to convince to sell a concept or an industrial project.

Present your products and convince your customers

3D modelling is an ideal solution for presenting your products.
At a trade show, with technical teams, to respond to a call for tenders or to validate a prototype, 3D applications are ideal for presenting a product.

You will stand out from the competition and you will also be able to clearly present your assets and your business.


Bluff your customers with a 3D product catalogue

3D product catalogue: an asset for sales

Currently, we are seeing a growing use of 3D modelling of an industrial product catalogue in augmented reality. And the reason for this is obvious: it's a great tool!

Not only fun and ultra-practical, this solutionallows interaction with each product offered in the catalogue: additional information, video, rotation around the object... the possibilities are numerous and its use can be measured.


Present your industrial projects, production lines in 3D

Augmented reality for industry also allows you to highlight your industrial processes.
Industrial flows and technical processes can sometimes be complex.
Applications representing the entire production chain allow you to visualise the connections between each machine, pole and department.... Understanding is made easier.

Spie has designed a 3D application to represent its surimi production line. During the food industry trade fair, the company was able to show the manufacturing process via augmented reality on a marker, without having to bring its customers and partners to its factory. This is an ideal tool for visualising the movements of the operator at his workstation, for turning around the machines, visualising the flows and understanding the consequences of a change in the process...


Facilitate the interpretation of industrial projects, whoever you are dealing with

Pictures are often much more effective than a long, technical and complex speech.

Many people need to visualise to understand and remember. To explain your processes and the functioning of complex equipment, or to present future projects, a 3D modelling system for industry will make it easier to communicate with a novice or professional audience.

Your message will be visual, clear and easy to understand, regardless of the audience you are addressing: foreign partners, audiences from another professional sector such as investors or institutions.

For example, DCNS had a solution developed for staging in 3D to present the SNS X Wind concept ship. All the equipment installed on board the military ships and designed by the company could be viewed via an interactive virtual reality interactive tablet application. The result was presented at EURONAVAL, the naval defence exhibition, to foreign personalities.

XWIND application for DCNS

The benefits of 3D industry tools to boost your sales

A 3D application for industry has many advantages for presenting your products or projects. 

  • The potential for mobility is undeniable The modelling can be carried everywhere, easily, and is compatible with many devices (tablet, smartphone, computer, Oculus Rift, etc.).
    No more need for bulky supports to succeed in your sales, simply take the device of your choice to convince wherever you are selling (trade shows, sales meetings in France or abroad, in the office or in the factory, etc.).
  • Graphic quality and precision The visualization system takes into account all the desired dimensions and data and reproduces them accurately
  • The possibility of rotating around an industrial object The use of the device allows to discover the device from all angles.
  • Adding detailed data : you can easily integrate additional information into the 3D model (flows, data, tutorials, voice-overs, etc.). An efficient sales support to support your commercial demonstrations and gain in clarity!

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