Augmented Reality for Real Estate…

ar for real estate by artefacto

…a new way of selling, new tools too

Learn more on our new Features of our Augmented Reality Application for Real Estate and how to get the most of it to turn your prospects into customers: 
Statistics for analytics, Lead generation for your CRM, Content Management System to have free hands on your app content, personalised Cardboards to immerse into your project and communicate on your brand… Lots of new toys, sorry, TOOLS to play with !


Technology is clearly a part of us and we get to interact more and more with it. These days we all have a smartphone or a tablet. It changed our way of communication but also the way we get information, thus turning us into smarter consumers.

Nowadays we compare everything, we get more information on what we buy: “where is it from? Is it cheaper elsewhere?”, and it helps us make a decision on what to buy, how to buy it and where to buy it.

Technology turns us into smarter consumers


So how to use this technology for real estate?

Augmented reality is a good way to show your projects, two possibilities:

  • On site with the 3D model in scale 1:1 in front of you to visualize the project before its construction.
  • On trigger image so when your clients go back home they have an interactive brochure. From a 2D image the 3D model pops on top of it!



Why not add other features in an application?

  • Virtual reality: yes you can have a model (with no trigger image) and navigate around your project from human height or from above with an aerial mode.
  • Immersion: You want to visit inside? Get inside the project with two options:
    – model the inside and enjoy a walkthrough
    – or 360° views. Totally immerse yourself in the future environment.
  • Cardboard: These two modes can actually be fully immersive from your smartphone just like an Oculus, with the cardboards. Activate the cardboard mode, Slip your phone inside and visit like if you were in the room.

al murooj project 360 viewaugmented reality with google cardboard

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, you do not have to chose, TAKE BOTH!”


How to convert a user into a customer? Yes, that’s the goal after all !

Get to KNOW the customer hidden behind the app

You can have a contact form that is filled by your potential clients once he wants to get in touch with you, or even just click the button phone to agent that will launch the phone call to your services.

They need a quotation? Let them select options from a search tool add to cart, once they’re ready they can send a quotation request, the quotation will be sent to them by email from the application, and of course you will receive a copy to follow up.

Any Statistics? Yes you can follow the statistics of your app, numbers of download, what kind of device is downloading the app, number of views, which functionality is most looked at and many others, actually the ones you want.

Change things? Do you mean content inside the app?

Well yes you can decide to change pictures, let them know that this flat is no longer available, change prices…no…ok we keep the pricing option. As we told you, you can decide what you want to be able to change by yourself.

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