ARTEFACTO puts real Augmented reality in your Cardboard glasses

cardboard réalité augmentée

So far you had heard about Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, but applications running on those devices were limited to immersion into a virtual world. That was before…

cardboard réalité augmentéeARTEFACTO has adapted on Cardboard one of its real estate development applications, usually offered on tablet. This application can now be used from a smartphone, inserted in glasses Cardboard type glasses. The innovation resides in the interactivity with the 3D model (augmented reality, real time 3D visit and 360 ° views) : tactile interface is replaced by eye-controlled interactivity.


This solution is already very attractive as proven by the strong interest among our customers. Indeed the advantage of cardboard is that it becomes a promotional item (it can be branded), it is compatible with any smartphone and can be cost-effectively offered for free, all for even more baffling experience.

One more “UP! innovation” made in ARTEFACTO !