Virtual reality training

Our virtual reality training solutions

Reproduce realistic working conditions

for safe
risk situations

a better retention

your training over and over again

the motivation of your teams


"I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand. - Confucius

Virtual reality training allows learners to be immersed in a simulated but realistic work environment and thus to train for dangerous, rare, expensive operations or even situations that are impossible to reproduce in real life.

UP! Immersive offer

Up! immersive

Votre plateforme applicative d’immersion et de découverte d’entreprise

Customised application for factory visits and immersion in a working environment, 360° views, photo/video capture and reporting, scripting, voice-over, integration of your content

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Up! theoretical

Votre application dédiée à l'apprentissage théorique

Module de formation web en 3D temps réel, compatible LMS, interactions, moteur de dialogue, POI, animations, traçabilité de l’apprenant, module de suivi et d’évaluation

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UP! Offer Practice


Votre plateforme applicative de formation en réalité virtuelle pour la pratique métier

Customisable virtual reality training application, real-time manipulation, 3D toolbox, evaluation module, dialogue engine, pedagogical report

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UP! Offer Urbasee training

Urbasee for training

Your augmented reality application dedicated to learning

Visualisation du modèle 3D en réalité augmentée taille réelle, fonction transparence pour l’auto-évaluation

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State-of-the-art solutions for your industrial projects

Training in VR can be repeated endlessly and saves real time and money. The interactivity and the fact of being able to practise professional gestures in a quasi-real situation boost the motivation of learners and increase their rate of retention of information by almost 90% compared to 50% for a classic theoretical training course

Augmented reality

  • Augmented reality on site at 1:1 scale

  • Augmented reality on a map

  • Toolbox

Virtual reality

  • Immersive tours

  • Virtual tours

  • 3D modelling

  • 360°

  • 2D 3D images and films


  • Customizable

  • Media integration

  • LMS compatible

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