Mousquines by Domicim (MK) – Switzerland

Project description

Mousquines Leman is the first augmented reality application for the real estate sector in Switzerland.

The application was developed on tablet by Artefacto to help future purchasers and investors immerse themselves very easily in the project. The user can discover the building from the outside and the inside in an innovative and entertaining way. The app can also show in situ the project at scale 1 before the start of construction.


This marketing assistance tool allowed Domicim accelerate sales. The launch of this application and use of augmented reality in particular have also been the subject of extensive media campaign* conducted by MK Group thus benefiting from a dynamic and innovative image.

*Read also (french articles) : Communiqué de presse, plateau TV, presse spécialisée, presse locale


Application for smartphones & tablets :

  • Augmented Reality on map
  • Pedestrian and aerial virtual navigation
  • On site augmented reality
  • Realtime 3D floor views
  • 360° views of apartments