KSMC by HDR Inc. – Saudi Arabia

Project description

King Saudi Medical Center, serving the Central Region of Saudi Arabia, has been designed by HDR Inc. Architecture. To raise awareness on the project we have created a dedicated application to explain the project and visualize it from the outside to the inside. Outside visualization is based on augmented reality on plan and in situ. With a master plan you can see the 3D model appearing on top and watch the architectural work done by HDR Inc. With the in situ mode, go to the construction site and you will be able to see the project in front of you at 1:1 scale. For the inside part of the project, the application has 360° views to feel and understand the different spaces – feel free to change the inpatient room’s ambiances.


  • Information on the different projects and the architects
  • Augmented reality on marker and on site
  • 360° views
  • Modification of the ambiances in the 360°views (day, night and cozy ambiances)