Brittany Region | 360° Photos


The Brittany Region intervenes in areas that concern the daily life and future of Brittany.
Since its creation in 1982, its responsibilities have continued to evolve. It is the leader in many of the compulsory areas of responsibility set out in the decentralisation laws: vocational training, economic development, regional planning, European funds, public high schools, management of school and inter-city transport and services to islands.

Wishing to communicate effectively on the interior design of its future offices, the Brittany Region called on Artefacto. The objective was to set up an application for several media: PC, Smartphone, Tablet and virtual reality headset.


Our teams have therefore created a visualisation application that allows you to see several 360° shots of the future premises.

In particular:
The entrance hall and its small spaces
The ground floor and its offices
Ground floor + 4 and the cafeteria
The ground floor and the multi-activity space
The R+7 and its meeting space

These 360° images, which include furniture, characters and an outdoor environment, will be created from photos taken on site which illustrate materials, colours, ceilings, walls and fixtures.

A project built around creative technologies

360° capture


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