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Valérie Cottereau, our President

Valérie Cottereau, our President

Valérie Cottereau, a qualified architect, began her career working for firms in Rennes. But her taste for novelty and challenge, as well as the emergence of 3D software, led her in 1998 to create Artefacto which, fifteen years later, would become a pioneer in the field of 3D augmented reality.
In 2013, the jury of the Ille-et-Vilaine Oscars rewarded her career by awarding her the Oscar for mastery of science and technology. On the strength of this constant growth, Valérie Cottereau built Artefacto's head office with offices in the image of the company, opened an office in New York the same year and exported her know-how and technologies to many countries. She also became a member of the board of directors of Rennes School of Business and a member of the supervisory board of Ouest-France.

The Artefacto premises in Betton


Artefacto was founded in 1998 by Valérie Cottereau, an architect by training. The young company based its core business on the design and production of 3D communication tools.

After several years of Research & Development, Artefacto developed - even before the arrival of tablets - an ingenious system that allowed the on-site visualization of a building still in the planning stage: outdoor, life-size augmented reality was born.

Artefacto DNA


Our production activity, which complements our R&D activity, sets us apart from many purely technological players: our highly qualified (and perfectionist!) computer graphics designers produce content with a very realistic rendering to satisfy our most demanding clients. Each production is validated by our art director.

However, our focus remains on the user: usage takes precedence over technology and image; augmented reality is a medium; the application is a tool; everything must be simple to use, relevant and effective.

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