augmented reality technology

Augmented reality

Augmented reality for communication and value creation.

As a precursor of augmented reality, Artefacto masters the quality of 3D models as well as the technology that allows them to be embedded in a real environment. With ARkit and ARCore, AR can be used to present a project, a real estate programme or a product and its options.

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Virtual reality

Virtual reality to help project and immerse your audience.

Discover the technology, history and uses of virtual reality. For each sector of activity, discover the applications and uses of VR. An immersive medium for all professions!

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hololens in real estate

Mixed reality

Mixed reality for the creation, interaction and simulation of 3D that will bring your projects to life

Understand everything about the definition of mixed reality, its history, its contexts of use and the future of this incredible technology!

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hologram page

The hologram

Holograms to communicate and impress your audience

Find out all about this incredible yet unknown technology! Definition, history and contexts of use are detailed!

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