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  • Aténor City Dox


    Description Aténor is a Belgian real estate developper, specialized in large scale projects. The company made use of Artefacto’s skills for the promotion of “City Dox”, a neighbourhood of 5,4 hectares in Anderlecht, comprising 900 apartments. Artefacto developped a mobile and tablet compatible application with a 3D external scale model of the quarter.[...]

  • Artefacto-Mons

    Eurogare Mons 3D – Augmented Reality

      Description The Gare3D Mons2015 application allows to anticipate the completion of the new station by implementing it in its environment in real-time, modelled in 3D. This experience was made possible with the help of augmented reality. Therefore, things that dont exist yet or who exist partially can take shape. Given the size of the model[...]


  • Nacarat-réalité augmentée

    Augmented reality : a new dimension for property developpement ?

    This article was published in the internal newsletter of Nacarat, a general property developper. Testimonial of our client NACARAT on the application made by ARTEFACTO for the PARC SCHLUMBERGER residency. It is difficult for a property acquirer to project himself in his future housing ! So be it. In Belgium, Nacarat, with the help of the french company[...]