Elephant seeks name

Our emblematic elephant is now known to all, you can see him emerge from the Artefacto cube ("Artefacto Cube" app) and renew his surprising exploits throughout the year. on the stores) and renew his surprising exploits throughout the year, he is on our facade, our brochures, he also accompanies our emails via our signature banners... In short, he is EVERYWHERE. But what is his name?

To decide this, we launched an "elephant naming" campaign, immediately relayed by the pressWe also launched a "naming of the elephant" campaign, on social networks, reminding us that ARTEFACTO is still popular with its public (fans, clients, economic and territorial actors...).

We received more than 300 proposals, each one more creative than the last.

We have selected three of them for the final public vote: Arty, ARon and Uppy.

Vox populi, vox dei: both internally and externally, 'Arty' outshone the other name proposals.
Our little touch: we took the liberty of capitalizing the initials of Augmented Reality, it's not a typo!

Welcome, ARty!