3D invites itself to real estate shows to boost your projects!

applications in real estate shows

At property fairs or events, using a 3D solution on your stand will help you make a difference. Indeed, this innovative support will arouse the curiosity of visitors and allow you to attract more prospects to your stand.
For example, at the annual RENT show in Paris, a major real estate event, take the opportunity to trigger the wow effect with visitors to accelerate your sales and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

3D and events, a winning duo in real estate!

In real estate, to trigger the "wow effect" in the eyes of your customers, you have to help them project themselves.

They must immediately imagine themselves living in the property you present to them. Whether they are first-time buyers, purchasers, investors or tenants...
3D as augmented reality for real estate or virtual reality will allow you to meet your customers with innovative solutions to present them your projects.

real estate applications at a trade fair

Equipped with a simple smartphone or tablet, you can, for example, show them 3D models of real estate projects.

  • Launch the visualisation of their property within a building, a district with different points of view (aerial, pedestrian, ...). For example via a real-time 3D model or a floor plan.
  • Present the visits or 360° views of a flat to show them the same room from different angles or at different times of the day.

There are also fully immersive solutions with virtual reality headsets that can be used in real estate.

With this solution, your customers can literally walk through the house or flat you are offering for sale. They will be able to go from room to room, from the bedroom to the kitchen and then visit the terrace with its real view.

This is what it has developed Bouygues Immobilier with its "Bouygues Influences Cardboard" project to allow prospects to make interactive visits to property projects.

This type of tool still has its "wow effect" at real estate shows, as 3D is still not widely used and not well known by the general public.
At the show RENT 2017 3D was a key theme. Visitors discovered various 3D tools, presented by our 3D specialist agency: augmented reality on markers, on business cards, virtual visits, 3D films...

virtual reality to visualise a property

Thanks to the unparalleled quality of the images and animations and the easy-to-use solutions, your customers will not forget their interactive real estate visit experience.

These different solutions can be used in a showroom, a real estate exhibition or during a private presentation.

3D in real estate: 3 business applications for the same technology

In real estate, 3D solutions can be used at all levels of project development:

  • It is the working tool of architects who design new building projects. 3D allows them to work on all aspects of the construction, whether it be the size, the materials used, etc.
  • It is a commercial tool for property marketers, agents or developers. They can easily present a project as a whole, even if it has not yet been built.
  • It is a visualization tool for the client who can project himself in the property, personalize it and quickly discover if he feels comfortable there.

reality on marker in real estate show

Expert support, creating value for your company

Beyond the technology, support is essential to the success of your projects.
This is the key to respecting your deadlines, choosing the right tools, obtaining tailor-made solutions, engaging in a long-term relationship based on trust...

Artefacto is an expert agency in the creation of 3D solutions: augmented reality, 3D visualisation for real estate and virtual reality. We create customisable modules and devices (integration of your brand's graphic identity, choice of functionalities) and adapted to your needs. We design entirely customised projects.
We can also adapt an existing application to your needs.

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