ARTEFACTO CUBE: adopt an elephant!

This year, our greeting card was a "greeting cube"...


Of course, this cube is very special: when you point the camera of your smartphone at this cube (after installing the application thanks to the flash code printed on the cube), our elephant pops out of it in a hang-glider, and if you tickle it, it sneezes confetti at you... virtual, fortunately.

Every month, the acrobatics of our elephant are renewed and the application notifies you.

I absolutely need it!


  • Make your own cube (materials: printer, scissors, tape)
  • Download the application to view the animations
  • Bring a supply of peanuts to feed your elephant...

Increased wishes, what an idea!

The Betton town hall has also adopted this innovative way of wishing the New Year by associating with its card (and integrating it into the municipal newspaper) an augmented reality application inspired by one of the most important news of 2014: the Philae probe, after having travelled through the solar system, finally landed on the Betton comet and is sending us images of what happened there in 2014

Greeting card by OuestFranceFR

How do augmented reality goodies work?

Behind these two examples is one of the products in our UP! EVENTS range, dedicated to the marketing, communication, events and loyalty sector.

The levers: the Wahou! effect, but not only

Beyond the "Wow" effect, which is the first effect sought by a brand, the use of innovative technologies conveys a positive image of dynamism and originality . The publication of 3D content in augmented reality content on the brand's editorial media or packaging allows it to reach a target that is sensitive to these values, to engage it in a lasting relationship (in the case of recurring content), while ensuring wider awareness, particularly through the media coverage of its digital campaign via more traditional networks.

The right tools

selfieOn the "customer" side, the application allows not only to visualise 3D content but also to interact with it (interactivity, games). Sharing the experience is also at the heart of the campaign's success: share a selfie featuring AR on social networks or by email, share your score or take part in a competition on Facebook... The success of the whole campaign lies largely in its virality.


On the "brand" side, a backoffice gives access to the management of the campaign by allowing to control its duration, to update its contents and to consult the usage statistics to measure its effectiveness.