BIOTOPIA and its augmented outdoor route

biotopia augmented reality

In Notre-Dame-de-Monts, the flora and fauna are revealed on the screen. On the hunt for insects and plants, explorers catch virtual butterflies and ants.

(Ouest France)

Artefacto, a pioneer in 3D imaging, has developed the "3D Explorer" tour application for BIOTOPIA for an original visit to the forest, the dune and the beach, thanks to the augmented reality.


In 6 months the number of visitors reached is the one hoped for in one year!

Testimonials on Trip Advisor and Facebook prove it: the visit with a tablet is really a plus!





ARTEFACTO offers its clients, such as Biotopia, assistance in meeting the current expectations of cultural and scientific mediation. Notably recognised for its augmented reality and virtual realityARTEFACTO offers interactive devices combining a range of innovative technologies.

Among these technologies, the application is a tool for outdoor visits integrating points of interest and geolocated interactive content.

Customised for the Biotopia tour (graphic charter, content, storyboard, etc.), the application allows you to discover the specific features of the site, to play games and to keep a virtual record of the visit in the form of a logbook.

Visitors will be able to cross the path of wild boars (in 3D), catch butterflies (virtual), push a tree, discover the "sea floor"... so many experiments to make them aware of the specific environment of the coastline and its preservation.


3D augmented reality boar


By proposing an enhanced outdoor tour, Biotopia is positioning itself as a forerunner in the field of mediation linked to natural heritage.


Discovering the fauna and flora in the field, interacting with them thanks to virtual and augmented reality, building a logbook to extend the experience, without interfering with the environment that must be respected, is a unique and new initiative.

It opens up the possibilities of using digital technology in the open air. We are proud to bring our expertise in this field to make this project possible.


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