Virtual tours for new property developments

VR headset for virtual property tours

Are you in charge of marketing a property development and would you like to offer a truly innovative solution? Why not switch to virtual reality?

When you hear about this technology, you immediately think of video games? Well, you should know that this sector only represents 33% of the virtual reality market. It is in fact the professionals who are the first to embrace this incredible technology.

Virtual tours: When virtual reality becomes a projection aid

Your customers discover the new properties offered to them on 2D plans and find it difficult to project themselves. This is certainly one of the first obstacles to buying a new-build property. Of course, perspectives, videos and 3D plans can help to better imagine the future property, but virtual reality goes further. Once customers have put on their headsets, they are invited to visit. All they have to do is let themselves be guided and the immersion does the rest. With today's technologies, it is possible to recreate the interior of a future property in an identical and photo-realistic way.

virtual visit of a new flat

The advantages of this type of device are many. On the one hand, the technology itself is fun and innovative and impressive. People want to try it out of curiosity, as the public is very keen on this kind of experience. On the other hand, it is the best way to immediately immerse a customer in his future property. Decorated and highlighted, the property is sublimated during the visit and the customer's ability to project is increased tenfold.

From this benefit comes a significant advantage: saving time. Indeed, if the client can quickly project himself thanks to a powerful and intuitive tool, it saves time for the management of your appointments. Knowing that a future buyer discovers on average between 5 and 7 homes before buying, virtual reality is the ideal tool to reduce this time.

Finally, it is possible to choose a decoration to personalise the visit. The choice of furniture, finishes and lighting can be fully customised to highlight the property in the virtual tour and to suit individual tastes.

Several virtual visit tools at your disposal

Within a 3D model or a VR headset, several tools can be implemented.

VR headsets

A small revolution in recent years, VR headsets have been perfected to deliver stunning immersive experiences. Available in the sales bubble, there are two types of headsets: stand-alone and wired.

In the context of a virtual visit, it is advisable to opt for a stand-alone headset, as the user is guided from one room to another through a succession of 360° views without having to move physically. On the other hand, the wired headset will be indispensable in the implementation of a more advanced VR configurator where the customer moves around and selects his own finishes.

Artefacto's choice: The Oculus GO

Oculus Go VR headset

Released in 2018, the Oculus GO synthesises the best of what autonomous virtual reality currently offers.

Virtual tours on the property programme website

It is now quite common to offer this type of service online on the marketing web page or in the sales bubble, on a table or touch screen. Most of the time accessible from a 3D model, this visit is done by browsing a succession of 360° perspectives. Put end to end, it is then possible to propose virtual sample flats to visit. The customer can also take this tour from home on the programme's website. This service is also offered in our pack UP!WEB

Virtual reality: a tool for real estate

The virtual visit is therefore an ideal solution to many problems encountered in the real estate industry. The technology has now reached a stage of maturity that allows us to offer quality 3D tools. It is easy to integrate them into the customer experience and they fit perfectly into the innovative approach concept stores dedicated to marketing.

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