3D real estate applications you should know about

3D real estate program on a tablet

In the real estate sector, the arrival of the Internet has changed the habits of customers and their research and purchasing behaviour. Consumers are increasingly mobile, digital natives, connected...

The real estate industry is now taking the digital turn, reinventing itself, and seeking to optimise the customer experience by using the best technologies. The new 3D applications for the real estate industry are a brilliant response to this need!

What is the interest of a 3D application in real estate?

With 1.6 million internet users logging on to a property website every day, France is the 3rd country in the world in terms of coverage for the property internet. The ad sites are waging a fierce war to attract prospects, but it is Le Bon Coin that wins the battle hands down with 14.9% of the Internet user coverage [1].

To stand out from the competition, there is no secret, you have to innovate, offer a solution that makes a difference for the customer, more effective, more immersive: 3D!

Virtual tour or augmented reality are much more than communication solutions (as a flyer could be, for example). It is a tool for research, projection, visit and decision support!

Examples of 3D applications in real estate

Augmented reality in real estate: help your customers visualise the future

Augmented reality is THE solution to help your customers to project themselves. Directly on the site still under construction, point the tablet towards the future location, and the home appears, as if by magic!

If you are a a house builder or an architect, these applications allow you to visualize the future project in its actual and real environment.
Some augmented reality software (such as the online platform Urbasee) allow you to simply share the project with your future buyers.
They can go back to the building site, make the project appear with a simple click, and walk around... as if the house was there!

Augmented reality on site of a real estate program

Virtual reality to personalise the future property

If augmented reality helps to project the property in its current environment, the virtual reality is also used to personalise the property.

Via your application, you will be able to propose different options: wall colours, materials, interior layout, decoration, type of kitchen, outdoor terrace, swimming pool.... Give your customers a choice, make it custom-made and seduce your customers!

3D applications to better market your real estate programs

#BENEFIT : A powerful sales support tool

For real estate developers, 3D is a very effective way of marketing their new developments. Future buyers can visualise the future building, its configuration, its location, the living environment, and choose the ideal home more easily.

Thanks to these 3D applications developed specifically for the real estate industry, you can sell your real estate projects more quickly! Much more efficient marketing than selling on plans.

interactive 3D model on computer

A concrete example of application: the innovative Live 3D intuitive solution proposed by Seloger Neuf

seloger virtual tour web toolSeLoger Neuf, France's leading real estate website in terms of web traffic, continues to optimise the user experience by offering ever more innovative solutions. In partnership with our 3D modelling experts at RENT 2016, the new property specialist is launching the intuitive Live 3D solution.
This 3D module allows internet users to:

-> View the availability of batches in real time
-> Access to property plans
-> To virtually visualise the exterior of the residence with the layout of the lots
-> To carry out 360° visits to typical lots in the programme, in total immersionThe 3D & 360° web module will also be available on mobile phones, a terminal increasingly used by Internet users during their customer journey.

3D model applications to illustrate your construction projects from different points of view

Real-time 3D models allow you to navigate tactilely in a 3D model, inside or outside.

Different viewpoints are available to you to visualize a property or a project:

-> Pedestrian viewpoint: for a close-up, more "human" view
-> Aerial viewpoint: for a distant view, with the possibility of rotation and zoom
-> Automatic route

3D model aerial and pedestrian view

A 3D visualisation using a floor plan also allows you to visit a building, floor by floor.
It is then possible to visualise all the rooms, their layout and distribution.

For new property developments, your customers can immediately visualise the property and visit it in detail: finish, room layout, etc., as well as the surrounding area, ease of access, map of the site, etc.

The property developer thus increases his chances of selling compared to a traditional sale on plan.
He reassures his future buyers by helping them to project themselves into their future home and neighbourhood.

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