Help your customers plan with an interactive product catalogue

augmented reality catalogue

To be able to easily show all the advantages of your products thanks to the Augmented Reality ? This is the daring challenge of the interactive 3D catalogue, a unique opportunity to give your prospects and customers an immersive experience. In the retail sector, it has become an essential tool that should not be underestimated. Innovative and attractive, the 3D virtual catalogue is a real competitive advantage. Its secret weapon? It helps your customers to project themselves as never before in use. Bonus: they are then much more likely to buy your product.

advantages and potential of a virtual catalogue

Do you want to improve your sales process? Convince new prospects to buy your products? The 3D catalogue is the ideal complement to your usual sales tools. We talk about it a lot, but do you really know what it is?

Augmented reality portal

Created with the latest technologies, the interactive catalogue can be consulted on all kinds of devices: smartphones, tablets, connected glasses or virtual reality headsets.

Via an augmented reality application, the catalogue comes to life and makes your product appear in front of you in 3D, and at real size. It is also possible to animate the product, to discover it from all angles, to modify its colour and even to enter its workings to visualise the technology, flows, connections, movements and complementarities... etc. Total immersion guaranteed!

Those who have tried it testify to the enormous impact of the interactive 3D catalogue. They all agree on the same point: customers are bluffed and take a big step forward in the purchasing process. A study even shows that 88% of people who have consulted an Augmented Reality application are more likely to place an order! All this because the customer is able to project himself through this immersive experience!

This type of interactive catalogue application is complemented by features to speed up the purchasing process. Search by keywords, link to product sheets, access to characteristics, download of order forms, contact requests, etc. Information buttons and action buttons will make this catalogue a real sales support tool.

catalogue application in 3d visualisation

Augmented Reality literally brings your catalogue and products to life.
The Mothercare company has tried it out. Via the mobile application, you point your smartphone at the paper catalogue and in a few seconds the mannequin on the cover comes to life via a video

The German company Volkswagen also commissioned a 3D application of this type to present the new Touran.

Here the interactive catalogue allows you to bring the car to your living room table and manipulate it: turn it around to admire it from every angle, open the doors and the boot. With one click, you can change the colour of the car to choose your favourite. Better still, you can enter the passenger compartment to see the interior layout in 3D and in 360°! As if you were inside the car, you can operate the car's functions, discover the options, operate the sunroof and observe the mechanism, activate the air conditioning and observe the air flow in the cabin. Every detail has been thought through and it's a great first approach for the customer. 

3D and augmented reality are impressive! Not only do you visualise your product, but you are also completely immersed in the atmosphere of the product or in its use.


The potential of the interactive 3D catalogue is not limited to retail professionals. It also adapts very well to the needs and objectives of manufacturers. Thanks to these visualization tools, it is for example easy to to animate an industrial tool for to see it working on a production line. Original and innovative, 3D Augmented Reality can be used on a wide range of media (greeting cards or business cards) and can be applied in various sectors of activity.

Want to learn more about augmented reality? This comprehensive guide will help you to fully understand these new tools. Download it now!