Technology is not an end in itself, our goal is to help our customers by providing communication, promotion, mediation tools. We call this the “Augmented Communication”

We use Augmented Reality as a new way to communicate on visual projects essentially, but we also offer other tools such as virtual reality, we produce videos and 3D renderings, mobile apps, web, interactive terminals …





Augmented reality allows you to present your project (a 3-dimensional object, a building) in its real environment as if it really exists. With our applications installed on your tablet or smartphone, you can explore your project from all angles, evaluating its integration into its natural landscape, view shadows, make landscaping decision and make your project evolve during all it’s phases … It’s a great tool for the design finalization and communication.

Artefacto controls both the quality of the 3D model and the technology to embed it in a real environment, even outdoors, in the absence of anchor marker (or trigger image).






Your no Longer need a physical model, augmented reality allows you to insert a virtual object in the real world, in real time. Proportions, colors, shadows, everything is there! The model appears just on the support (a mass plan, a photo, a magazine …) recognized by the application.