Laptop with augmented reality application for the real estate

Up! Building

Augmented reality, 3D modeling solutions and virtual tours for real estate

Enhance your communication and marketing on real estate projects. Our cutting-edge technology will allow prospective buyers to experience the space of their future dream home before construction has started.

Reduce their fear of the unknown and boost their desire to purchasse off-the-plan with our augmented reality and virtual reality solutions.

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Virtual reality application with virtual headset and interactions

Up! Industry

Augmented reality, virtual applications and virtual tours for the industry

Whether your business sector is transport, food-processing industry, security, defense or environment, Artefacto delivers tailored 3D solutions for all your needs. Inform the public or provide your workforce with experiential or maintenance trainings, transfer skills with 3D animations and AR/VR experiences.

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Museum virtual tour application for laptop and mobile phone

UP! Culture

Augmented reality and virtual reality for museography

Cultural heritage needs real story telling. Explore an old castle or discover secrets in a museum thanks to augmented and virtual reality technologies. Journeys are never going to be the same with these unbelievable experiences!

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Selfie application in shopping mall - mother and child with make-up and item insertions

Up! Events

Interactive communication solutions, augmented selfie, virtual reality

Trade shows, launching new products, corporate communication, marketing campaigns, events... Boost your communication with 3D technologies. Make the difference, be innovative, memorable and convincing with augmented and virtual reality!

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