Train your industrial teams with 3D modelling

3D model of a factory in an application

Do you need to raise awareness or train your staff in a particular use or material?
3D modelling is the ideal solution for turnkey training. A must for your team's skills development or for the maintenance of your equipment.

Whether it is in the energy industry, in transport, in packaging or in defence... each sector can use 3D modelling to understand all the equipment or processes of the company.

Understand the organisation of a factory and industrial flows thanks to 3D modelling

To better understand a production line, 3D tools for industry The advantages of 3D tools for the industry are undoubtedly in the understanding and interpretation of the data.

Thanks to the 3D models, you can easily represent :

  • Industrial flows, people flows or material flows
  • The location of the different stations and their connections
  • The overall structure of a building

Whether on a tablet, computer or mobile, the rendering allows each new employee to easily understand the organisation of the industrial zone.

These 3D applications can also be used to share a production process with people such as investors, employees, customers or service providers. To avoid complicated or costly travel, these 3D applications

3D factory tour application

These applications can also be used for internal or external events.
Directly projected on a large screen, your audience will be able to view your 3D model.

A change of process, a new organisation, the implementation of a new standard, the relocation of an industrial module, the reorganisation of the divisions or the integration of a new machine... These changes can sometimes frighten employees.

The 3D models are a real gain in clarity. Each employee can visualise the issues at stake, and can more easily understand the changes in his or her position. An innovative demonstration that is sure to win you over!

Training on new industrial machines with 3D modelling

Once your employees have tested 3D to be trained, they will not be able to do without it!

Thanks to a 3D modelling tool, new operators will be able to learn to manipulate your tools virtually
before using them in a real situation.

You can also train your entire team in the use of new equipment.
This training can be done through the use of a virtual reality headset or augmented reality for greater immersion, or on a tablet and computer.

Rehearsals in a virtual environment will allow your operators to :

  • Handling the equipment safely;
  • To perform better from the moment they arrive at their workstation
  • Learn to safely handle complex tools or machines

Maintenance support tool developed for Thales

Thales is one of the world leaders in industrial equipment for aeronautics, military and space. Artefacto has developed a software application for PCs integrating 3D, compatible with the Oculus Rift. This application allows employees to learn how to maintain an electrical cabinet installed in a frigate. The aim is to respect the maintenance procedure and also to simulate real conditions of use.

Assist in the maintenance of industrial equipment

In industry, some tools require regular and very specific maintenance.
3D tools, such as the interactive 3D operating instructions, make it easier for the operator to understand and get to grips with them.

From virtual reality training solutions can be developed to follow procedures to the letter, with storyboards to guide the user through the manipulation. Then, once in a real situation, assistance solutions using the principle of augmented reality can be implemented. For example, with an augmented reality headset or with an interactive tablet.

In this situation, 3D makes it possible to considerably reduce the margin of error: the operator can better project himself in his work and the information is transmitted more clearly.

In short, 3D modelling in industry will enable you to increase your productivity, but also the satisfaction of your teams! You will improve the daily work of your employees and reduce risk factors.

Artefacto offers 3D content creation (modelling, reconstruction, computer graphics, etc.), visualisation (AR, VR, real-time 3D) and applications integrating the content (factory visits, demonstrations, instructions, etc.).

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