Pick the right 3D technology to market your real estate development project

Houses, apartments or new offices meeting technical and environmental standards, cities recording significant demographic growth and controlling tomorrow’s market… Real estate development projects are drawing in new customers every year.

You’ll see that sales tools including augmented or virtual reality are valuable allies that will help you convince prospective clients to buy from you. Mobile applications for smartphones or tablets, 3D virtual models, virtual tours: choose the right real estate 3D sales tool according to your objectives. These state-of-the-art sales tools will help you sell better and faster, efficiently stand out from the competition as they let your customers project themselves more easily in their future homes.


3D models for 360° virtual tours

3D has been used for quite some time in the real estate sector, giving volume to on-sale lots and projects in catalogues. With this constantly evolving technology, you can now give life to new build projects, even though construction has not yet begun.

Your prospective clients can discover the new development project as a whole, in its outdoor environment, by using their 3D application on their tablet or mobile phone. They can also visit each lot, walk from room to room, and view them from all angles.

The value and key of 3D applications lie in the fact that your prospective clients can go back home with the solution or use it anywhere he wants. They can have their friends and family visit their future home and share their project with them. This is a major advantage when you consider the long purchase cycle in the real estate sector. The more he will have the opportunity to view the property and share his feelings with his family and friends, the faster his decision will be made.


The applications allow true 360° immersive experiences. A lot of prospective clients wish to buy a new apartment but have difficulties in projecting themselves into their future home. 3D technologies applied to new development projects are therefore the perfect solution as clients will have a realistic view of their future house or apartment. They can more easily make their choice by visiting different apartments, see the outdoors, the final architecture and the impact of light at different times of day. They will discover the full potential of a property before the construction even starts.

3D is proving to be an educational but also a recreational tool that will speed up your sales in the real estate sector.

Home staging or the art of renoving real estate properties in one click with 3D technologies

3D home staging is the current trend! It helps the prospective client project himself inside an apartment that is about to be renovated or redecorated. He doesn’t have to visit an aging apartment nor try to imagine how a property will look like after the works. Through 3D images, he can now discover a refurbished place where life is good.


Concretely, your prospective client launches the 3D application to visit a house or apartment as if he were already home. He can move the furniture as he wishes to custom his interior; he can also change the decoration style, choose the color of the walls or the place for the sofa. After totally customizing his apartment, he will feel like at home.

When your clients use 3D solutions in the real estate sector, they can completely project themselves in their future home.  You offer them the opportunity to make their housing project come true. Discovering your future home becomes an immersive adventure.


You can also offer your prospective client a fully immersive experiencew ith 3D glasses (Homido, Samsung Gear, etc.) or Google Cardboards to ensure a maximum impact! Offer a virtual reality tour! Your client puts the immersive glasses on, and here he is, directly in his future living room. He can spin around and visit the interior of his future home as if he were really there.


Augmented and virtual reality applications are ideal sales tools for real estate property development.

As a real estate agent, a property developer or a realtor, you wish to provide your prospective clients with an exceptional experience to stand out from the competition? Contact us.

Coming soon: the “Achieving the Wow factor” guide dedicated to the real estate sector and 3D technologies. You will learn more about the digital channels to implement in your real estate agency in order to attract your clients and accelerate your sales.