The French Prime Minister visits Artefacto

ARTEFACTO was in the spotlight this Friday, February 27, 2015 on the occasion of the visit of our Prime Minister Manuel Valls, surrounded by the ministers Najat Vallaud-Belkacem (Education) and Stéphane Le Foll (Agriculture). Under a rain of flashes and somehow cramped in our spacious building, our ministers have discovered our company, its path, its markets, its technology and its business In a few words find out how this evening under the spotlights took place.


Hosted on an Augmented Reality background (with our iconic acrobat elephant ), the delegation is told the story of our company, who started 17 years ago, “pushed on tracks” by the simulation project of Rennes’ subway . Today considered as one of the Hi-Tech nuggets in the region, we are proud to deliver a strong financial health and continued growth on our turnover, including the international part. “We are small with our 3 million euros turnoveralmost apologizes Valerie Cottereau , but we give work to almost 50 people.” The Minister confirms that today it is SMEs that create jobs.

visite 1er ministre Valls

Today, it’s the SMEs that create employment.


valls ra immo artefacto betton

Augmented reality is a great sales tool for real estate development.

ARTEFACTO’s leading sector being Augmented Reality and 3D simulation for real estate, the visit started with the demonstration of applications for real estate development.
A plan on the table, a tablet and UP! the effect is always stunning: a house appears on the screen and seems to be standing, in volume, on the plan. Beyond the surprise, our sales manager explains the benefits of this type of application as a sales tool, allowing the potential buyer to better project itself in a real estate project, to generate more commitment during a promotional campaign, to differentiate the developer from competitors and to track leads.


The magic tricks keeps going, a harvester also springs from the promotional leaflet of a farm equipment manufacturer, under the strong concerned look of the Minister of Agriculture.
Another application for real estate developed for Saudi Arabia shows our international presence.


Valls Artefacto Betton

More magic tricks ahead…


To illustrate our activity in the culture and heritage sector, we have chosen to show the reconstruction of the Abbey of Bon repos in immersion with a Google Cardboard. Without a doubt, this demonstration made a hit and it was difficult for them to share the cardboard with their colleagues …!

Immersive visit of a heritage reconstruction : Google Cardboard makes the deal!



We then moved to the studio where our ” augmented balcony device was set, integrating our EventsSee (interactive augmented reality for events) software component, it was the opportunity to discuss topics of research and our involvement in various European projects and our supports to the FrenchTech with our participation to the AR plan  (the map of the NFI, New France Industry).


eventssee artefacto




 Finally, an explanation of the different stages in the production of an Augmented Reality custom application, it allowed us to show the principal jobs that combine creativity and technology: 3D computer graphics and AR engineering.

Valls Artefacto Betton


This official visit strengthened Artefacto’s position as a national and international innovative reference, again we have been faithful to our eternal motto: