You probably alreay know it, Urbasee is Artefacto augmented reality visualization application dedicated to joinery professionals, building and construction trades and the  educational sector. Urbasee is the result of years of R&D and Artefacto’s proven technology, it is now a mobile software marketed in SaaS.

The principle is very simple. First, create your account on the Urbasee workspace and download the app on your mobile device. Then, import your own 3D model into the Urbasee workspace and synchronize it with your application. You can then visualize your 3D model in augmented reality in the real environment. The experience is stunning, intuitive and the user is completely autonomous!

Ajout de meuble dans Urbasee 4.5


Joinery, construction, or professional apprenticeship, today more than 1,000 professionals are already using Urbasee!

Urbasee is not only an augmented reality visualization tool, it has been primarily thought for the sales forces. Indeed, as any product can directly be presented to the customers, less customer appointments are necessary to conclude a sale. Thanks to the virtual view, the customer can more easily project into his future purchase. Moreover the experience can be shared! In addition to being a real sales accelerator, experience has shown that Urbasee allows salespeople to show less common options and thus, increase the average basket.

Companies like Profils Systèmes, Sépalumic and 2PL already use Urbasee to boost their sales teams.


It is official, the version 4.5 of Urbasee has just been released!

To remain very close to the daily reality of professionals, we have implemented important new features mainly oriented towards user experience and customization of 3D models.


The details of the update:

Furniture library: The brand new feature of this version is the furniture library included in the application. For example, you can project your veranda 3D model in augmented reality, and use the library to add furniture in the scene. You can thus decorate and furnish the veranda according to your desires and your style.

Add a floor to a veranda: Urbasee is very appreciated by veranda manufacturers. Therefore, we implemented a specific feature just for them! Now, it is possible to add a floor into the veranda to add more realism to your project.

Assign an existing project to a client directly in the application: You can now assign projects that have been created beforehand to any customer, directly from the application on you mobile device.

Manage the type of installation: Thought for professionals, this feature allows you to place windows and openings with an illusion of depth according to the type of installation, but also at a certain height from the ground for a very realistic rendering.

Add colors to different elements of the 3D model: Customization is the key word in Urbasee. In the previous version, you could color the entire 3D model using a RAL chart color. In the new version you can now choose different colors for different parts of your 3D model.  Your pergola may have blades of a one color and  its structure in a different color.


Resizing of the 3D Model: The scaling of your models is also possible in this version. You can directly change the size of your 3D models in the application by moving the cursor of the scale situated on the right side of the screen.


salon et pergola et réalité augmentée


Other improvements: And as Urbasee is continuously improved both functionally and ergonomically, we have also added lots of things that make life easier for our users. You can now: classify  3D models by category, manage several projects for a client, send a visualization code to the client directly from the application, automatically generate 3D model preview thumbnails, and use an improved the color selector…


The list of features continues to grow in order to provide you an enriched experience. We remain attentive to our customers, so do not hesitate to give us your feedback on this new version!


Do you want to try the augmented reality experience? Download the free Urbasee app for iOS or Android!