Louis Pasteur’s house digital tour

The need

The house of the scientist, real patrimonial sanctuary, wished to acquire tactile tablets and an app using augmented reality and 3D animation to enrich the visit.

The solution

With the collaboration of Michel Brand’Honneur (Confluence Patrimoine), museographer on this project, we realized a mobile interactive tool giving comprehension informations in each room of the house with text, media gallery, educational animations and a story played by actors.

Each visitor, expert or not, alone or with his family, can discover the scientist artwork, his family and private life, what happened at his period and what he left us.

The extra

During the visit, the public could take pictures with a “Louis Pasteur” more authentic than the original and keep incredible memories from their visits.

Product, service request

  • Custimized UP! VISIT app on tactile tablet
  • Multimedia content production and 3D

The app was implemented in June 4, 2015, in the “Maison Louis Pasteur”, only in Arbois. This app was available in French, german and English.

In the press: “France 3” report  for the heritage’s days

Un projet construit autour de technologies créatives

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