Canal Wharf


The Canal quarter in Bruxel is in full renewal. Real witnesses of the industrial and port past, the docks regain a second youth. Housing, local commerce and green spaces has been developed across the Brussels main axes.
The building conception has been given to three well-known architectural offices which add their own touch: Stéphane Beel, Architectes Associés and 51N4E.

Découvrir le projet !

 For the Canal Wharf residential project, Artefacto developed an augmented reality app available on smartphone and tablet. This app is a real sale assistant support for sales representative. It allows an innovative and playful explanation of the project.

Discover the marker-based Augmented Reality !


  • marker-based augmented reality
  • Virtual walk in pedestrian mode
  • 360° view of building parts
  • Available on iOS and Android for smartphone and tablet.

Un projet construit autour de technologies créatives

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