Eurogare Mons 3D – Augmented Reality



The Gare3D Mons2015 application allows to anticipate the completion of the new station by implementing it in its environment in real-time, modelled in 3D. This experience was made possible with the help of augmented reality. Therefore, things that dont exist yet or who exist partially can take shape. Given the size of the model and the specific settings of the various points of view, the offered experience is innovative. Indeed, the limits of the augmented reality were pushed as for as possible. It is also a brand-new experience beacause nothing similar has been made to this day. It is at the heart of Mons 2015’s thematic : “When technology meets culture”.


  • Augmented reality on site
  • Visualization of the station in night and day mode
  • Picture taking and sharing on social networks
  • Compatibility with smartphones, tablets, Apple and Android.

Un projet construit autour de technologies créatives

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