AG Real Estate – White

Project description

AG REAL ESTATE, the biggest real-estate actor in Belgium, along with LES NOUVEAUX CONSTRUCTEURS launched the WHITE project – a 23,000m² office area near Paris in Montrouge, France. To help on the sales, we created a mobile application with 3D orbital views merged with tablets’ gyroscopes to create an immersive visit experience. When visiting the building site, the user can place himself at the center of the room and have an orbital view of it from his tablet to project himself into the future offices and common spaces. For this service, ARTEFACTO recommended a customized package including the Mobile Application and 3D interior renders  to AG REAL ESTATE.                                                                                


  • Orbital views
  • Renders
  • Smartphone, tablet, Apple and Android compatibility.


Un projet construit autour de technologies créatives

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